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Vintage Motorcycle Riders & Collectors (VMRC)

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Welcome to the group! Do you own and like to ride, restore and collect vintage motorcycles?  Looking for like minded people?  That's what this group is all about.  If you don't own a vintage motorcycle but want to get started, this is your group too.  All makes and model are welcome, while bashing and trash talk is not welcome.  This group welcomes all people of every skill level and all ages; 9 to 99+, if you like vintage bikes, we'll like you.  

We're going to work together to come up with events, workshop visits, share some knowledge and of course do some weekend and weekday rides that are appropriate for our bikes and all rider skill levels.  

Group Rules

Group Guidelines

If you need a written set of rules on what constitutes appropriate behavior you probably don't belong in this group. What you learned in kindergarten applies here.


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  • September 18, 2020


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